To my baby brother: Readymade meals to help boost your muscle strength

My lovable brother Davie,

Hey bud, hope you’re doing great!

It’s always a pleasure writing to you given the fact that you are not just the only brother we have among 3 sisters but also the youngest one hence the adorable ‘baby’ that suits you and your baby face look.

I remember the first day we took you to the gym given the fact that Mum and Pops were bodybuilders back then and both had won the South Queensland bodybuilding contests consecutively from 1987 til 1999. For 12 years, Mum & Pops were nicknamed ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Iron Woman’ respectively and the best part is that none of them ever used steroids. They both opened up a new gym in Wellington Point in 1996 at the same time we shifted to our new home. Visit SuperSaverMama for more Muscle Meal promo codes.

Leaving for the United States made me teary and sad, especially leaving you given the fact that you were most adored in the family and we all loved having you and your cute personality around. When I saw you last year, you did change quite considerably but what concerned me is that you used a small amount of steroids while exercising.

My friend Betty and her husband Darren are also bodybuilding these days and it’s through them that I found out about Muscle Meal Direct. Betty & Darren order from Muscle Meal Direct due to their busy routines and that they need these meals as they also run a gym and physical fitness centre up north.

Muscle Meal Direct Voucher Codes are something they signed up for and have not only a customisable menu but a customisable schedule: whether you want a full day’s meal or just 2 meals in a week (or as you please). The meals prepared are wholesome, delicious, nutritious and tasty.

I know Mum’s health has been worrisome but I am sure she will be better soon. You can customise your meal plan accordingly and I know you seldom find time to cook as you are now the sole controller of the home hence I recommend you to use Muscle Meal Direct.

Til then, I hope you have a great time and wishing you a great life up ahead.

Take good care of Mum & Pops, and give them my love.


Love you loads!


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